Evidence for God and the Bible

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Alpha version from January 28, 2018

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Critics are constantly complaining that there is no evidence for God. There is evidence, but the critics simply won't accept it, because they just don't want anything to do with God. This is an important point: there are lots of people who just don't want anything to do with God. I can't imagine why people want to turn down a relationship with God and turn down paradise. But anyway, this essay is only a start on the evidence that I quickly tossed together because of Marshall Brain's essays on godisimaginary.com.

Life is physical evidence of His existence on Earth. See my essays: The DNA Code and A Traditional Proof for God Revisited.

The Bible is too remarkable to have been created by man. There is nothing like it in any other culture.

Genesis chapter 1 was right around 3000 years ago, long before science came along. See my essay: Genesis 1 for Atheists.

There is a rational explanation for Noah's flood, see my essay: A Rational Explanation for Noah's Flood.

There is plenty of evidence for the Exodus from Egypt. It shows up earlier in history than was originally believed. See, for instance, the website: patternsofevidence.com. There is a nice video called "Patterns of Evidence: Exodus" that I first ran into on Netflix. Much of the evidence presented comes from the noted British Egyptologist, David Rohl. This is one of Rohl's books: Exodus Myth or History. The only item I noticed that was missing is that so far (apparently) they have not found Pharoah's chariots at the bottom of the Red Sea. Also, if you're looking for evidence for the Garden of Eden, see Rohl's book: Legend: The Genesis of Civilization. I will note that the evidence for the Garden of Eden is currently somewhat debatable but Rohl does make the search for the Garden of Eden interesting. And he may well be right.

Then if you google something like "computer simulation moses parts red sea" you will come up with numerous references to a study done not long ago that showed that a strong wind blowing over a certain, shallow area of the Red Sea would indeed expose the seabed so the Israelites could walk on the seabed to cross the Red Sea. Here is one such article: Video: How the Red Sea Could Have Parted.

As to the New Testament, there is a former reporter from the Chicago Tribune, Lee Strobel, who was skeptical of the whole thing. But he investigated the New Testament texts to try and get his wife to give up her belief in Christianity. He failed. He became a believer. Here is a new version of his book: The Case for Christ: A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus. Here is the 2017 video: The Case for Christ. Here is the 2007 version: The Case for Christ.