To Atheists
Beta Version from May 1, 2017
Copyright 2017 by Donald R. Tveter,

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I appreciate why atheists are so upset with the idea that God exists and a human soul exists. Atheists believe they are modern, rational and scientific and that makes their beliefs correct and old beliefs about God and a human soul incorrect. So when Christians (or others who believe in God) go around trying to convert people, atheists get mad that they are spouting lies and nonsense. Now atheists believe spreading lies is immoral, so they figure Christians are immoral. I understand why you get upset. When I hear all the lies we get from politicians and government officials and the mainstream media simply supports them all, I get mad too!

But there is an assumption that goes into atheism that is simply false. Atheists have an understanding of the world that comes from the 19th century. The assumption is what philosophers call presentism. In presentism only the present exists, the past is gone and the future does not yet exist. Also presentism implies that what we have in the universe is a bunch of particles that are moving around automatically according to the laws of physics. You can even add in the 20th century concept where the particles were created in the Big Bang, but you've still got presentism.

An old idea resurfaced in the 20th century, an idea philosophers call eternalism. Thanks to special relativity, physicists have found out that the past, present and future all exist "at once" as a sort of solid block of everything that "just is". So physicists refer to this whole block of everything that "just exists" all "at once" as the blockworld or the block universe. Atheists: I'm sure you won't take my word for it, so go to the page "Science Points to the Blockworld" where the page starts out with quotes from Einstein and Greene and goes on from there.

So, now, when God created the heavens and the Earth, God created everything across all of space AND TIME. So at the same time God created the Big Bang, He created the Earth as it was in our past, the Earth as it is now and the Earth as it will be in the future. He created this whole block universe. It is definitely NOT a case of particles coming out of the Big Bang and then they move around at random and then stars form, stars explode, planets form and then life (on Earth at least) happens by chance combinations of atoms.

This includes all the life forms that did exist on Earth, do now exist on Earth and will exist on Earth in the future. Think about this carefully. Atheists always go around saying that if a living cell simply popped up out of nowhere it would have to be a miracle. Of course, atheists don't believe in miracles so they assume that even their first cell slowly evolved from simpler things. But it wasn't just ONE cell that showed up. ALL the cells in ALL the different species showed up. AT ONCE! There is no way to turn this into random chance! There had to be a Creator involved!

So now, atheists, you're going to find this all hard to believe. I understand. New ideas take time to take hold. You probably know how it works. First there is denial, then there is anger. A lot of people will never accept it, they will just die off as the new paradigm takes over. But look: if you are going to be true to your belief in being MODERN, RATIONAL and SCIENTIFIC you're going to have to believe the result from special relativity. There is a nice little quote from a little book called Hidden in Plain Sight: The Simple Link Between Relativity and Quantum Mechanics by Dr. Andrew Thomas, an ebook I picked up from Amazon for 99 cents. In chapter 5, near location 1089, Thomas says:
... it has to be stressed that accepting the reality of the block universe is not an option. To disregard the implications of the block universe is not only to ignore the conclusions of special relativity, it is to ignore basic logic.

Then, finally, if you're an atheist, and you get upset about people spreading lies and fairy tales about the world you need to start attacking atheism as vigorously as you have been attacking theism.