A New Proof for God Based on Modern Physics

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Here is a new proof for the existence of God based on the blockworld concept from modern physics. First of all, consider a single living cell. Atheists will tell you that if a single living cell suddenly appeared whole from nowhere it would have to be a miracle. There would have to be intelligence behind this event. Of course atheists will tell you such a thing has never happened. They'll claim the first cell evolved from simpler cell-like things.

But what if one did pop up from nowhere? Or better still, what if a huge number of living cells, all quite different popped up from nowhere all of a sudden? And even better still, what if huge numbers of different plants and animals suddenly popped up from nowhere? Would you concede that there was intelligence behind the manufacture of all these living things? I hope you would. I just don't know what kind of excuse you could come up with for avoiding the obvious conclusion.

OK, now for the hard part. There is an idea that has been lurking in modern physics for over 100 years. They call it the blockworld or the block universe. Pretty much only specialists in physics and philosophy know about it. In physics, it started with special relativity. In philosophy, it goes back to Parmenidies of Elea. Philosophers call the idea eternalism. In the blockworld all the universe across all of space AND TIME simply exists. The past is as real as the present and the future is just as real as the present.

So now, when our universe was created, everything across all of space AND TIME was created. Everything at the beginning of time, at the end of time and everything in between. All those living things mentioned above, the one celled creatures, the plants and the animals all just appeared out of nowhere. Of course all the human beings who would ever exist also appeared too. Also if you could stand on the Earth just before the appearance of the first human being do you know what else would already be out there in the future? Cars, computers, cell phones, books, music, movies and of course lots more besides.

So there is absolutely no room for living things to develop by chance. They were all made ahead of time. Suddenly they were there! Of course, if you observe what happens along our dimension of time you may or may not find a pattern of evolution in these living things. But still, they all appeared at once in the blockworld. So with no time for any sort of evolution to even happen you're forced to conclude that there was a Creator responsible for all the intelligent designs we find here on Earth whether those things are living things or whether they are things that we say are "man made" things.

I will not be surprised if you find this all to be rather far-fetched, so please, go ahead and study the blockworld concept that comes from special relativity. The easiest way to start is with the PBS/NOVA video, "The Fabric of the Cosmos: The Illusion of Time" with physicist Brian Greene where he refers to the blockworld as a loaf of bread. (This video may not be available outside the US, I tried once from Peru and they said no.) This video is based on Greene's book, The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time and the Texture of Reality, especially see chapters 3 and 5. Nowhere does Greene actually deal with the creation of the blockworld so don't expect that. For more reasons to believe in the blockworld see the essay, Science Points to the Blockworld

Once you understand the blockworld, try and figure out how our universe, including all the intelligent designs we find here on Earth, could have evolved by chance when the whole blockworld has to be there at once. It will make you a believer in a Creator.