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Now there is an essay, How Could Christ Pay For Our Sins?.

Now there is an essay, Introduction to the Blockworld for Everyone.

The blockworld/block universe is going to be very important for Christianity. But it is a radical departure from what we are used to. So I've produced a new essay, Introduction to the Blockworld for Christians that, I hope, will get Christians (and others) to start to think about this new idea and spread the word.

Moving through some Google+ groups reminded me that one of their key arguments against God is The Problem of Evil argument. They simply start with a false assumption and so naturally they reach the wrong answers. So here is the beta version of: There is No Problem of Evil.

I reviewed my old "Hell, Yes!" essay and decided that it was inadequate so here is the latest beta version.

I ran into a cute little posting in a community on Google+ where someone had a picture of happy people saying "I'm Saved!". And below it a picture of Captain Picard saying "Saved from what? Rational Thought?". I gave my spontaneous rebuttal but I realized it deserves a little essay, so here it is: To Atheists.

I've been working on a new essay called Science Points to the Blockworld where I list scientists who endorse the idea. There are quite a few, starting with Einstein and Greene.