I am always running into criticisms of Christianity that need to be addressed and I am always running into new ways to explain the issues that are already in my book. So here are those additions. There are two basic categories:

Essays on Important Issues


Reviews of Items I Found Interesting

What's New?

I ran into a video by a Christian group called Inspiring Philosophy that attempts to prove the existence of God using the most common interpretation of quantum mechanics. It's terrible. So I wrote a little review of it: A Review of Quantum Physics Debunks Materialism.

One of the critics' typical arguments against the God of the Bible is that not everyone gets to hear about Christ and that just isn't fair. This essay, Dealing with the Unreached, comes directly from my book and deals with this issue.

I recently ran into another atheist in a Facebook post complaining that God is not being nice to us by stopping evil. So here is the alpha version of: Another Problem of Evil Issue.

Now there is an essay, Multiple DNA Codes for Everyone Especially Atheists. Atheists have always said there was one AND ONLY ONE DNA code from one AND ONLY ONE living cell. The trouble is that there are at least 24 different codes and evolving the different codes is impossible.

Now there is an essay, How Could Christ Pay For Our Sins?. This is a sticking point with critics and Christians always make it a legalistic issue and quote the Bible. This is a nuts and bolts explanation.

Now there is an essay, Introduction to the Blockworld for Everyone.

The blockworld/block universe is going to be very important for Christianity. But it is a radical departure from what we are used to. So I've produced a new essay, Introduction to the Blockworld for Christians that, I hope, will get Christians (and others) to start to think about this new idea and spread the word.

Moving through some Google+ groups reminded me that one of the key arguments atheists use against God is The Problem of Evil argument. They simply start with a false assumption and so naturally they reach the wrong answers. So here is the beta version of: There is No Problem of Evil.

I reviewed my old "Hell, Yes!" essay and decided that it was inadequate so here is the latest beta version.

I ran into a cute little posting in a community on Google+ where someone had a picture of happy people saying "I'm Saved!". And below it a picture of Captain Picard saying "Saved from what? Rational Thought?". I gave my spontaneous rebuttal but I realized it deserves a little essay, so here it is: To Atheists.

I have some references to scientists who endorse the blockworld idea in my book but I keep running into more. So this essay is a collection of all the references I've run into: Science Points to the Blockworld. New items are added from time to time.